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Aimee’s Aftercare Guide

Hair Extensions

In order to maintain your extensions and keep them looking their best, it is important that you follow the aftercare advice given by your stylist at the extension fitting.

If you look after them using the recommended aftercare that has been designed specifically for use with the extensions, then you won’t risk damaging or lessening the life of them.

Weave Maintenance

Depending on how you have your weave fitted, it is important to have regular tightenings. This will depend on how quickly your own hair grows, but typically every 4 weeks for a hair weave. For the beaded/braidless weave we recommend every 5 weeks. By not having tightenings done as your own hair grows down, you will find they can get caught up and tangled behind the tracks. If left unchecked the extensions can become knotted and start matting up. Regular tightenings will ensure your hair extensions remain trouble free and easy to look after.

Maintaining your Hair on a daily basis

You should ensure you use a gentle hair extension brush that won’t drag or pull at the extensions. Using the wrong type of brush could resulting in shedding and tangling of the hair extensions/ damage to your own hair and scalp. Take care to brush the hair through, working from the end of the hair to the root. Also brush carefully between the tracks / rows you have had fitted so as to prevent any tangling. Apply a salon quality oil to the hair daily to prevent it drying out. A leave in conditioner can also help to keep the hair hydrated.

Maintaining your Hair at night

We recommend putting your hair in a loose plait and then wrapping the hair in a silk scarf at night to protect it. Sleeping on cotton can cause the hair to break as you move around on your pillow at night.

Using heat on your Extensions

Your extensions are safe to use with hair straighteners, but as with any kind of heat styling you should always use a heat protector spray / serum first in order to protect them. Excessive heat can lesson the life of your hair extensions.

Maintaining your Hair Extensions on Holiday

It is better to avoid getting your hair wet, particularly in swimming pool environments, as both chlorine and salt water can cause damage to your extensions. If you want to go swimming the best advice is to wear a swimming cap to protect it but we cannot accept liability for damage to your extensions through salt or chlorine damage.
The only hair that we can guarantee will not be affected by water is our Virgin Hair Extensions – learn more here

Washing your Extensions

When it comes to washing the hair extensions, less is more. We don’t recommend washing your extensions more than once every two weeks. You can wash your own hair (top of your head) as much as you need to, but just clip back or section off the extensions when showering. Overwashing your extensions can leave them feeling lifeless and dull.

Use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for your hair extensions. A high percentage of high street shampoos and conditioners contain alcohol and sodium laureth sulphates which dry the extensions and remove the soft feel of them.  Remember, as extension hair is not attached directly to your scalp it won’t get the same amount of nourishment and nutrients as your natural hair does.

After washing your extensions we don’t recommend you allow them to dry naturally. You can pat the hair dry with a towel, but don’t twist or rub the extensions. Apply a recommended professional oil to the hair and blow dry it in to leave your hair extensions feeling soft again.

Wearing your hair extensions in a ponytail

Your extensions are placed in a way so they lie flat to the scalp. We recommend that if you want to wear your hair up you should put it in a low, loose ponytail using a scrunchie, rather than an elasticated band. Avoid pulling the ponytail too tightly or dragging the hair back. Doing so can cause damage your own hair as well as putting additional tension on your extensions which may cause them to become loose quicker.

Never leave a weave in for longer than 3 months. If you leave a weave in for more than 3 months you risk causing damage to your own hair and scalp. Having it removed and then put back in again (depending on your hair and its condition) is the safest option.

We recommend between weaves that you take advantage of one of our in-salon treatments to boost your natural locks. After wearing a weave for 2-3 months your natural hair will benefit from a deep clarifying treatment. Not only will you strengthen and nourish your hair, but also add moisture and softness to it before your next weave is installed.

In the unlikely event that you experience any reaction to either your hair or scalp after a weave is fitted, then please contact us without delay and we will take a look.


Aimee’s Hair & Beauty cannot guarantee your hair extensions if you choose not to follow our aftercare advice or if you opt to use products that are not salon recommended. If you choose to colour or chemically process the hair at home or with another hairdresser, this is carried out at your own risk.