The best tip for caring for your hair extensions at night

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The best tip for caring for your hair extensions at night

(And why putting your hair extensions in a loose plait at night isn’t enough!)

When it comes to protecting your hair at night there has always been a debate over what works best. There is now strong evidence to support that sleeping on cotton is actually not beneficial to your hair. This is especially true if you wear hair extensions.

silk scarf

Silk scarf to protect your hair at night

Here’s a fact you might not be aware of. If you sleep on cotton at night, then cotton absorbs moisture from your hair like blotting paper!

Some hair extension wearers suggest putting your hair in a loose plait or braid to protect it at night. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this idea, your aren’t actually preventing your extensions from losing their moisture and drying out, or keeping them tangle and frizz free.

Investing in a moisture enriched Silk Scarf at night is the key to happier, softer and stronger hair extensions.

Not only will you be protecting your hair from breakage, but you’ll be adding shine and keeping them soft and manageable at the same time.

By wearing a silk scarf you can tie on your head at night, you will stop your extensions from becoming tangled and knotted whilst you move and shift around in your sleep. You’ll find it’s actually a really comfortable way to sleep too!
The benefits of wearing a silk scarf become noticeable straight away. They’re very easy to use. Simply slip it on before bedtime and use the tie application so it stays on all night whilst you enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

silk scarf

Use a moisture enriched silk scarf

When your hair extensions have been covered up overnight, the next morning your hair will still feel soft. You won’t experience tangles or knots and it will require less styling too. This is particularly good if you’re someone who uses heat on your hair alot. Not to mention less time needed in the morning before you rush out.

It worth stressing that the material of the scarf has to be silky or satin in nature. Remember that other fabrics can absorb moisture, make you prone to sweating or feeling hot with them on or becoming too uncomfortable to wear at night.

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