Going Dutch : the Dash to wear braids like Kim

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Going Dutch : the Dash to wear braids like Kim

Kim Kardashian dutch braids

The Dutch braid phenomenon has been popularised by the Kardashians. (Photo credit: Kim Kardashian / akm-gsi-xposure) @aimeeshairandbeauty

Dutch braids (sometimes known as Boxer braids) have been around for some time. However, when the Kardashian family wear their hair in Dutch braids the whole world goes crazy for them! Try searching social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pintrest to see some great examples of Dutch braid styles.

So what are Dutch braids?

Dutch braids share some similarities with French braids, but the way to apply them is distinct from their sister braid version. The plaiting technique involves adding strands of extension hair into a person’s own hair as you braid. Starting at the front of the hairline the small angled plait gets progressively larger as it goes back over the scalp.
The rise in popularity of Dutch braids has seen them appear more often in the media. A host of film stars, reality TV stars, music and sporting icons are all displaying this popular style of braids.


Dutch braids

Dutch braids with gold bands added @aimeeshairandbeauty

Dutch braids style

Dutch braids Bournemouth @aimeeshairandbeauty

How easy are Dutch braids to look after?

There is a very practical usefulness to having your hair in Dutch braids. You don’t actually need to do an awful lot with your hair when they’re in! This can be ideal if you’re heading off to a festival weekend, going on a backpacking trip, doing some type of physical sport or training at the gym or even heading into a jungle environment!

We recommend using a good quality braid spray on the hair daily to give your braids some added softness and shine.At night wrap your hair in one of our silk scarfs to protect your braids from breakage and drying out. This is necessary if you sleep on cotton or an environment where heat and humidity are present.
This style of braids has now evolved into an all year round trend. Initially they were more of a Summer style when going on holiday abroad or attending a festival. Now it doesn’t matter what the season, Dutch Braids can be worn at any time of year!


dutch braids on Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram: @sianelizabethk @aimeeshairandbeauty

Dutch braids

Double dutch braids @aimeeshairandbeauty

How long do Dutch braids last?


Your braids will stay locked in place and with care can last you several weeks at a time. As braiding extension professionals, Aimee’s Hair & Beauty salon offer a level of skill and expertise in this area that sees us attract clients not just locally from Bournemouth and Poole, but outside of Dorset too.

We can also create various braid styles in addition to Dutch braids, such as cornrows/ canerows, single braids/plaits, Ghana braids, French braids, etc.


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