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FAQ Weaves – Your Questions Answered

Hair weaves are a natural, chemical-free technique used to add length and thickness to your hair. Specially created thin braids are attached close to your scalp. Hair extension tracks or rows are then fitted onto these braids and blended into a person’s own hair, resulting in an undetectable look.
In the same way as having a hair weave, the hair weft gets sewn onto a track made using tiny silicone beads, rather than a thin braided plait. The LA Weave offers clients an alternative to the traditional sew-in weave. There are many advantages to having your Beaded Weave fitted – it works on all types of hair and is ideal for those with short and fine hair. The weave sits flat to your scalp and feels weightless. If you don’t like the feel of a braid against your scalp, this method is for you.
Each track / row that you have fitted and sewn in costs £20. As a general guide, a full head normally consists of around 3 – 4 rows. Some people may require less rows if they have thin or finer hair. Those who want more thickness and volume may need further tracks added.
The price of the hair is charged separately and depends on the length, colour and quality that you choose, plus how thick you require them. If you have not had a weave before we recommend coming in first for a free consultation. We can provide you with a colour matching service, show you the choices of hair available and answer any further questions or concerns you may have. For an exact price to be quoted we need to see your hair first.
Forget any negative things you may have heard or read about weaves. They won’t damage your hair providing you look after and maintain them as advised by your hairdresser.
A common misconception is that having a weave done can be painful. If you’ve had a bad experience from a previous weave it could be that the stylist pulled your hair too tight. A weave professional should be able to vary and adjust the hair tension according to individual requirements.
Weaves don’t fall out like you might experience with bonding / micro-ring / fusion techniques. As your own hair grows down the tracks will gradually loosen and need redoing but they won’t drop out.
Weaving hair is a completely natural process that uses only specialist weaving thread and a needle. It’s a centuries old technique, dating back to the days of the ancient Egyptians. It does not involve the use of glues, silicones or any other chemicals.
Due to our experience with weaves you can have 3 – 4 tracks (a full head) of hair extensions in around 45 minutes – 1 hour. Compare this with other salons where you can expect to remain in the chair for 2-3 hours normally!
We sell a wide range of hair at Aimee’s including our luxury Brazilian hair (that can last 2 years), brands like Beauty Works Celebrity Choice double drawn Remy hair, Sleek Remy Couture and Style Icon hair as well as Remi Goddess. We also stock 100% human hair for clip-in purposes.
Aimee’s sell a wide variety of hair at prices, to suit all budgets. Our hair is competitively priced and you may find our prices cheaper than some other salons out there. However if you wish to bring your own hair with you we will be happy to sew it in for you.
If a hair weave is applied correctly then it should look undetectable. Wearing the hair up is not a problem as the tracks can be placed so as not to be visible if you need to wear your hair up for work etc.
This type of extension technique is perfectly suited to those with thin, fine or damaged hair. We can take account of more fragile hair types by varying the tension of the weave so you don’t experience any hair breakage etc. Another advantage of having weaved in extensions if you have damaged hair, is they can disguise or mask conditions such as alopecia or hair loss. When the hair weave has been sewn on, your own hair has a chance to recover and grow at the same time.
For a full explanation of how to keep your hair extensions looking their best and lasting longer, please take a look at our aftercare guide. As with any hair care regime, it is important to look after the hair by using the correct type of aftercare which won’t damage or lessen the life of your extensions.
For your extensions to look natural and hold properly, we recommend your own hair should be a minimum of 4 inches in length.
Aimee’s sells an exclusive range of shampoos, conditioners and other associated products designed specifically to work with your hair extensions. A high percentage of high street shampoos and conditioners contain alcohol which drys the hair and sodium laureth sulphates which remove the soft feel from them. Remember, as extension hair is not attached directly to your scalp it won’t get the same amount of nourishment and nutrients as your natural hair does. Using a different shampoo or other types of products not recommended by your stylist can result in dryness, tangling and matting of the extensions. Aimee’s cannot be held responsible for such an occurrence if you choose not to follow the advice given at the time of your fitting in terms of aftercare required and making sure you have regular tightenings of your weave done.
Ideally it is best to dye your hair before having your extensions fitted so we can colour match them accordingly. When your hair weave has been fitted you can still dye the top section (T-section) of your own hair.  Bleaching your hair extensions is not recommended unless the hair is Virgin Hair quality. Other hair types will already been dyed or coloured, thus weakening the structure of the hair.
The tightening of a hair weave can vary according to each individual. Factors that can affect when the hair will need to be tightened are how tight you had them woven in originally, how fast your own hair grows and how you maintain the extensions when they are in. As a general rule, your hair weave will need tightening 4 weeks after the initial fitting. Each track that you have tightened is charged at £10. Having a beaded weave fitted means you can wear a weave for 8 weeks before it needs to be removed.
Depending on how you care and look after it, your weaved in hair extensions can last you anywhere from 2 – 3 months at a time. Keeping a weave in for longer than this period can result in tangling or matting of the hair. When your weave is removed we recommend having a salon hair treatment on your own hair first before putting the extensions back in again. Good quality hair e.g. Remy hair, can be re-used.
It is better to avoid getting your hair wet, particularly in swimming pool environments, as the chlorine and salt water can cause damage to your extensions. If you want to go swimming the best advice is to wear a swimming cap to protect it but we cannot accept liability for damage to your extensions through salt or chlorine damage. The only hair that we can guarantee will not be affected by water is our Virgin Hair Extensions
Your hair extensions need to look natural. There is nothing worse than hair extensions that have been fitted and then look very visible. We offer an all-inclusive service at no extra cost, to have your hair extensions blended and / or cut in to your own hair. We can also curl and style them free of charge too.
We strongly recommend you leaving the removal of your weave to a trained professional who will remove it safely and expertly. The danger of doing it yourself or allowing a non-professional to take it out, is you may cause damage by accidentally cutting your own hair. Weave removal is only £10 per row.