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Hair Extensions Choices

What is Virgin Hair?

Virgin Hair is hair that has been supplied by a single donor.
This type of hair has not been chemically altered or processed in any way.
The natural cuticle of the hair remains intact and runs in the same direction, resulting in no tangling or shedding.
In simple terms, Virgin Hair is completely natural hair that has never been subjected to any kind of bleaching, colouring, perming or chemical treatments.

Aimee’s Russian Slavic Virgin Hair Extensions – Mega volume and thickness!

russian virgin hairAimee’s Russian hair extensions – Pure luxury which affords you mega volume and thickness.

The quality of this hair means that with correct care you will be able to reuse it for at least 2 years or more!

Russian hair is highly sought after by those who want high end hair extensions, like those worn by celebrities.

Just look at some of the key features of this rich, thick unprocessed hair:

Hand produced Double Drawn hair (uniform thickness from root to tip)
Individually selected from handpicked Russian hair donors
Mega volume and thickness
Lifespan 2 years or more
Safe to swim with in the pool or the sea!
Dye, colour, bleach or perm
No tangling or shedding
No dryness or frizziness
Wear on holiday / sunny climates
Heat safe for straightening, curling or tonging

Aimee’s Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions – Hair that lasts 2 years+ !

Brazillian virgin hairWorking with reputable suppliers, we have ethically sourced only the finest unprocessed hair from Brazil.

This lavishly silky hair is the best on the market, worn by celebrities and will leave you feeling like a million dollars!

This is the answer to your hair extension prayers!

Look at some of the advantages this amazing hair offers you:

Hair lasts 2 years+
Can be dyed / Coloured / Bleached / Permed
Tangle free and no shedding
No Dryness / Frizziness
Wear on holiday
Safe when Swimming in the Pool or Sea
Straighten, curl or tong

Remy Hair

remy-hair-150x150Pure Remy hair is collected from woman with long silky, soft hair.
Remy hair remains the finest quality of human hair because the natural cuticle layer is not stripped back and remains perfectly aligned. In other words, each individual strand of hair lies in the same direction, resulting in minimal tangling and shedding compared to 100% human hair. After the hair has been carefully machine wefted together the resulting natural hair has a lifespan of around 6 months+ depending on how you maintain and care for it.

Ombre / Dip-Dye Hair

ombre_hair_extensions-150x150Our range of ready coloured Ombré hair extensions mean you can create the dip-dye look instantly. We are delighted to be offering Remy Ombré hair extensions available in a range of different colours and shades. The term Ombré is a French word referring to hair colour fading from dark to light or vice-versa. It has become the popular hair choice for a lot of celebrities.

Human Hair

human_hair_extensions-150x150100% Human Hair is as its name suggests. Watch out for unscrupulous sellers, particularly online, who claim their hair extensions are real human hair but are in fact mixed with animal or synthetic hair fibres! We only sell genuine 100% human hair extensions.
This hair has undergone chemical treatment in one form or another. It has often been dyed or bleached to achieve a certain colour. Therefore, the hair will not last you as long as Remy or Virgin Hair. With good care, you can expect to get around 3 months use from them. This type of hair is ideal for use with clip-in hair extensions.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

clip-in_hair_extensions-150x150Clip-in hair extensions offer an easy and affordable answer for those who want instant length or thickness but don’t want long hair forever. They are perfect for a night out or a special occasion such as a wedding or prom. Clip-in hair extensions are simple to attach and go! They can be removed whenever you want and are ideal for those on a budget. We stock only 100% human hair clip-in extensions available in 20 different colour shades.

Instant Weaves / Half Head Wigs

instant_weaves-150x150Change your look in an instant with our double volume hairpieces in a choice of glamorous curls or straight styles.
These are known as half head wigs, 3/4 wigs or instant weaves. They’re perfect for creating an instant extension effect or just adding more volume to your hair.
22″ of double volume thickness
Easy to clip and attach
Secure fit
100% heat tongable hair

Synthetic Hair

synthetic-hair-150x150Synthetic hair is not real hair. It can often appear to look like human hair but it is made from non-human materials. It is sometimes referred to as “fake hair” but can still be worn to give extra length or thickness. The hair often comes ready styled and is a cheap alternative to human hair extensions. Some synthetic hair in recent years has been manufactured to respond to heat but does not offer the same versatility as human hair. Typically the hair will last a few weeks rather than months.

Wigs & Hairpieces

wigs-150x150We stock a large range of Lace, Remy, Human and Synthetic hair Wigs for all hair types.
Our wigs are supplied in a range of different lengths, colours and shades.
We have wigs to suit whatever the reason – medical (cancer, hair loss, alopecia), a change of style, a new look for work, evening out etc.
Some of our wigs available are sourced directly from the USA.

We offer our clients a choice of ponytails, buns, topknots and clip-in fringes too.
Our easy to fit hairpieces are made from 100% tongable synthetic hair and come in a range of colours to transform your look.