Short hair to long hair is possible…even with REALLY short hair !

/, Hair Weaves/Short hair to long hair is possible…even with REALLY short hair !

Short hair to long hair is possible…even with REALLY short hair !

Short hair to long hair transformation

Short hair to long hair transformation

Do you tire of having short hair?

The good news is you don’t have to live with it forever! Let us transform you at our hair extensions salon in Bournemouth so you look and feel like a new woman! Using a natural and safe method of applying hair extensions (our methods don’t involve the use of glue, tape or chemicals). Your hair will instantly go from short to long.

Don’t worry we’ve heard all those stories before about, “I wanted a short bob and now I regret it” or, “I went to another hairdresser for a trim and they cut too much off” or, “my hair only grows to a certain length and then stops”! There is nothing to be ashamed of if you regret the hair choice you originally made and now want long hair again.

The Beaded Weave is a popular method of hair extensions if you have short hair.

Hair extension wefts are sewn onto a track made using tiny silicone beads rather than a cornrow or braid. A number of rows or tracks are then added into your own hair, resulting in a seamless and undetectable look. You can even wear your hair extensions up in a ponytail without them being visible.

Short hair to long hair transformation

Dramatic hair extension transformation

This hair extension method sits very flat to your scalp and feels weightless. It is completely painless and won’t cause any damage to your own hair or scalp when you follow the advice given by the stylist at your fitting.

With the Beaded Weave method there are many advantages.

It works on all types of hair and is ideal for those with short and fine hair. Best of all with a weave, your own hair will grow all the time that it’s in. If you have fragile hair or hair with damage, a weave gives it time to recover and breathe naturally.

We offer a range of hair extensions at our salon in Bournemouth. Choose from range of hair including our luxury Russian and Brazilian hair. Our best quality hair is reusable for 2 years or more!

You’ll want your hair extensions to have as natural a finished look as possible. There is nothing worse than hair extensions that have been fitted and left without any cutting, blending or styling. As a hair extension specialist and qualified hairdresser, Aimee will make sure that your hair extensions are always blended perfectly with your own hair. We are happy to curl and style them free of charge for you too.

Wanting to have long hair again

Hair extensions can take 10 years off you!

If you’re wondering whether you will ever experience the feeling of what it’s like to have long hair again, then what are you waiting for? Pop in and see us at our hair extensions salon in Bournemouth for a free no obligation consultation. You’ve nothing to lose and only long hair to gain!

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