5 questions people ask about your hair extensions

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5 questions people ask about your hair extensions

You’ve probably been there before… You go into work or out with friends and everyone has a question about your new hair! For those that doesn’t know about how hair extensions and how they work, they are often curious. That’s if they can spot them in the first place of course!

Obviously if you’ve gone from short to long hair overnight, even the most unobservant will probably notice the transformation. But when it’s some added length or volume you’ll often hear a different response. “I didn’t even know you had hair extensions!”

Having natural and undetectable hair extensions can fool people into believing it’s all your own hair. Hair Weaves and Beaded Weaves are two techniques that offer this. They also have the added bonus of making you feel good about yourself. Imagine having the length or thickness you secretly always wished for.

So here are the 5 questions you’re most likely to get from family and friends:

Hair Weaves and Beaded Weaves

Hair Weaves and Beaded Weaves are completely natural methods of fitting hair extensions

1. Do they hurt or damage your hair when they get fitted?

Weaved in hair extensions are a completely natural method that don’t involve the use of any glue or chemicals. They allow your own hair to grow at the same time too. For those with thin or fine hair the braidless version of the weave is best. The beaded weave offers a safe and painless method for fitting in hair extensions. Those with thicker or coarser hair can opt for a hair weave. This is where tiny braids are added into your own hair and then the hair extensions are sew in.

2. Is my hair long enough to have them too?

You want your weave to look completely natural and lay flat against your hair. We recommend that your own hair needs to be a minimum of 4 inches or more. We have transformed many clients from short or bob length hair to longer length extensions. Whether it’s about length, volume or both, they need to match perfectly with your own hair. That’s why blending, cutting and curling are included in our fitting service at no extra charge too.

wear your hair up hair extensions

Undetectable hair extensions when worn up

3. Will I see them if I put my hair up?

The advantage of having a hair weave or beaded weave is that it is undetectable when you wear you hair up! So if you need to wear your hair up in a ponytail then you can. Some clients have to because of their work so this can be ideal for them. They won’t show through your hair too. You may find the opposite with some other hair extension techniques out there.

4. Are they actually real hair?

In our salon we only use real hair for our weaves. We have different levels of hair you can chose from:
Firstly there is 100% human hair which as the name suggests is only real hair. There’s no synthetic or animal hair mixed in like you find on Ebay! The next quality up from that is Remy hair. Remy hair is a better quality of human hair. The hair is put together in the same direction which results in less tangling and knotting. It also lasts longer so can be reused. Double drawn hair is available too which gives more thickness from the root to the tip. Last but not least, is our luxury Russian and Brazilian hair collections. This type of hair is called Virgin hair and can you last 2 years or more! This hair is limitless in what you can do with it and is a must if you plan to go on holiday or in the sea with your hair.

Aimee's Russian hair

Aimee’s luxury Russian hair extensions

5. Can I feel them?

This one depends on you! You may not want someone touching your mane. Then again, they’ll probably keep asking until you do! What they’ll realise once they touch the hair is how natural it feels. The better the quality of hair, the easier it is to look after and the longer it lasts. With good quality hair extensions you can do more with them too.

These are certainly the most commonly asked questions that people have, but any other others can also be found here:

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