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Weave Expertise

Aimee’s Hair & Beauty Salon are Weave Expertise regarded as ‘weave masters’ when it comes to all types of weaves. Having amassed years of experience in perfecting this hair technique, they have become experts in Weaving European and Afro hair.

And guess what? It doesn’t have to hurt! Some people’s perception of having a weave put in is that it will hurt or that the tension of the weave will leave their own hair damaged. Our expertise in this field means that we can make an individual assessment according to each client’s hair before fitting a weave.

There are many advantages to having a weave done – apart from their natural and undetectable look, they’re kinder to your hair than other extension methods that rely on glue or chemicals. What’s more, they will allow your natural hair to grow underneath and can conceal thinning hair too. When you get your weave done at Aimee’s you can expect a top class service with a finished look that you would expect from a professional hairdressers. The addition of blending, cutting-in and curling are all included as part of the service.