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Wig Fitting Service

Wigs have traditionally been sought by those with hair loss conditions such as Alopecia sufferers or Cancer patients that have undergone chemotherapy. That still remains the case today, but there is now a growing demand from people who want to instantly change their look too.
When it comes to having a wig fitted it is essential you choose a professional salon that not only knows how to accurately fit and style your wig, but has the experience to recommend which wig is best suited to your face.

Our expertise in this field means we can offer clients different options when it comes to wearing a wig. If a client desires a flawless celebrity lace wig look then we can fit it so that it won’t damage your own hair.

Alternatively we can actually stitch your wig on, giving you piece of mind as you step out of the salon door.
To find out more about the exciting range of lace, human and synthetic hair wigs we have available, click here

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